OSI UK – Modoframe

The new modoframe building system

Buildings that are fully designed and quality built in the UK to building regulation standards, containerised and delivered directly to site where they are reliably constructed by our own operatives.

The modoframe building system provides you with flexible, custom designed buildings which are delivered and assembled quickly and reliably anywhere in the world. Buildings are designed to suit your specific needs in easy to handle and erect modules that are produced to be shipped directly to site in standard containers.


These light but robust buildings are assembled quickly without the need for cranes, using hand-tools by just two operatives. All tools, fittings and even access are included in the container making it possible to utilise local labour when appropriate. Buildings can be demounted and recycled if and when necessary or are strong enough to be used as a long-term solution. External and internal finishes are provided to suit your requirements –whatever the site conditions and location demands.

modoframe – your building – in a box!

Pictures of modoframe ©2017 osi international contracts Ltd