OSI Overseas Exclusive Residential

Quality, security and confidentiality
OSI specialises in delivering high quality, luxury environments anywhere in the world.Our work in the field includes Ambassadorial Residences, offices suites, Private houses and apartments. We are happy providing contemporary interiors such as the $6 million fit out to a house in Moscow Silver Forest or creating what was called a bit of Belgravia in Moscow™ for another private client.
Overseas Exclusive Residential
Overseas Exclusive Residential

All of our work in the sector is subject to confidentiality agreements. Whether working for the FCO or for private clients, security is always an issue. All of our staff has full UK Government SC clearance and client’s details, plans and specifications are subject to stringent confidentiality measures.

Projects can be completed to client’s design or we can provide a full Turnkey service using the services of top architects and interior designers to provide clients with a unique and exceptional environment.