About OSI Overseas

Delivering high quality projects – globallyWhatever your overseas refurbishment or fit out needs, you will benefit from our unique service. Why? Because we care about what is important to you. Whether it’s time, budget or location or all three¬† we deliver when, where and how you want it. Where? Anywhere! We have successfully delivered high quality projects throughout the world- from Jamaica to Moscow. How? By providing intelligent project management and technical resources backed by over 25 years experience. At your service.

osi refurbishment

Company history The company was formed in 1982 initially focused on the growing market for specialised main-frame computer environments. This work demanded fast-track, multi-disciplined teams experienced in the design and installation of power supplies and climate control in addition to the entire range of internal systems and finishes.

Our overseas experience started with Glasnost and the fall of the Berlin Wall. The European Bank of Reconstruction and Development wanted to open offices in all major eastern European cities. We worked closely with them to provide them with fully fited out EBRD offices in a wide variety of buildings. These rolled out throughout the former Soviet Union over a 5 year period.

Our capability and expertise was recognised by the Foreign and Commonwealth Office as being the answer to their need for a contractor who could work anywhere on the many differing projects demanded by UK Embassies where security was a major issue. We have continued in this capacity for over 20 years.

In this period we have acquired unique experience in mobilising fast-track projects in far flung locations that involve identifying local resources and supplementing them with our own, UK based expertise and materials. All projects are managed by an OSI Director backed by the skills and logistics of a fully security cleared staff and trades workforce.

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